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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Climate Advisers Trust (CAT)?

CAT is the non-profit affiliate of Climate Advisers.

What is CAT’s mission?

CAT accelerates climate action in the United States and around the world by harnessing the energy and expertise of Climate Advisers’ team in a non-profit context. CAT enables Climate Advisers and its team to donate its energy and expertise at cost.

What is CAT’s legal relationship to Climate Advisers?

CAT is a fully independent non-profit organization.

What are the differences between Climate Advisers and CAT?

Climate Advisers is a mission-driven, for-profit consultancy. CAT is a non-profit social welfare organization that complies with all applicable laws for non-profits concerning governance and transparency.

Who supports CAT?

CAT is funded by Climate Advisers and other entities seeking to strengthen climate action, including leading philanthropies and governments.

Who leads CAT?

CAT is governed by an independent board of directors made up of climate and non-profit leaders. Nigel Purvis is the chairman of CAT’s board and its Executive Director. Board members do not receive compensation for service on the Board.

Is CAT a charity?

CAT is a 501(c)4 non-profit organized under the laws of the District of Columbia.

What is CAT’s Whistleblower and Grievance Reporting Policy?

To read our policy on reporting of grievances or to submit a report, please visit this page.