We build resilience by working to strengthen public and private policies for our most urgent challenge.

Fighting a Global Challenge

Climate change is the most difficult challenge ever faced by humanity. Scientists all across the globe agree that its effects are serious: a warming planet will fuel stronger storms, rising seas, longer droughts, and more frequent wildfires. Deaths will rise from lung conditions like asthma, diseases previously confined to the tropics and heat exhaustion. The rise of heat-trapping pollutants in the atmosphere could affect our world in ways we can’t yet imagine. This is uncharted territory.

Fortunately, we have a road map to solving the problem. Step one is for the world to work together to dramatically reduce climate pollution as rapidly as possible. Only by reducing the pollution from our vehicles, factories, power plants and daily lives can we hope to stave off disaster. This will require abandoning the carbon-based economy of the industrial era and adopting a cleaner economy for the 21st century.

We also know that unless we act to remove carbon pollution already in our atmosphere, we’re headed towards a planet that we may no longer recognize. Climate Advisers Trust is working with companies, organizations and indigenous populations to remove dangerous climate pollutions by preserving our natural landscape.